About this blog

This blog is my take to build something around the Form 1 printer I’ve backed in October on Kickstarter. I want to use this opportunity to share my discoveries around the 3D printing world. In the process I intend to cover many side subjects as my research goes.

If you are interested in contributing for this blog, share your errands around the Form1 or 3D printing and more importantly have fun send me a mail or post comment at: damien[dot]job[at]gmail.com


The blog editors:

  1. The jack of all trades – Damien: EE background interested in learning and trying new things every day. Specialized in Algorithms and signal processing he’s always digging information on a new subject whenever possible.
  2. The artist – [OPEN EDITOR POSITION]: he’s the soul of the blog, dreaming of 3D Studio, he knows every Blender tricks and can model anything with Maya…
  3. The Designer – [OPEN EDITOR POSITION]: he brings the cool and the slick side to the blog. Always creating a new gadget, thinking new interaction between objects of the day to day life…
  4. The Industrialist – [OPEN EDITOR POSITION]: sharp and precise he’s moving the 3D printing worlds to the next level. He’s never using any menu in Solidworks because he knows all the shortcuts by heart. His dream would be to finally be able to print metal and create this new car he has invented.
  5. Your position ! [OPEN]: if you’re willing to share your passion you’re welcome! The more the merrier.

2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. jonthedude

    hi, i am trying to make an sla priced about 3-5 k$ with the highest resolution in the market. I would love to talk to you. how can i contact you?
    thanks a lot,


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