Yet another blog… but why?

Very good question, the drive behind is not to expose my life but more to share some of my projects and ideas I’m exploring in a day to day basis. Last October I’ve decided to jump in the 3D printing bandwagon by investing in the Form1 Kickstarter.

Contrary to most of the low cost printer that use extruded plastic (FDM) the form one uses stereo-lithography to achieve amazing level of details. The print quality and the no tweak/no fuss nearly professional package quality convinced me to invest in the project.


Now every Kickstarter is a leap of faith, as you put the money upfront and hope your reward will come. In this case Formlab seems to have large shoulders as a spin-off from MIT with already some full time employees and business angels baking them. Nevertheless snagging one of the early package was also a good motivation to start my exploration of the 3d printing world.

As exiting as a 3D printer can be, the device alone is not really interesting. Online communities like thingiverse exist and share STL files ready to print, but without the capability to model new shapes, you are missing a good chunk of the experience.

That’s why modeling and scanning object will be a recurring theme of this blog. This printer is a catalyst that open new learning opportunities and new ideas every days! Stay tuned.


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